LipoMelt Body Contouring

LED lighting in 2 wavelengths (red and near infrared) help create transient pores in the fat cells. When exposed to the red light, the stored fat is melted and moved into the interstitial space to then be removed via the liver through vibrational lymphatic stimulation. Results end in tighter, firmer skin, inch-loss and improvement in texture by increasing your own collagen production. Add our collagen supplements to boost results.

The number of sessions required varies depending on how each persons body responds to the treatment, how much the client has to lose and how well the client maintains their diet. Best results are usually seen after 12 more sessions for people with a BMI of 30 or less.


To make an appointment, please call 360-464-4434. New clients please print out the Informed Consent Form and the Client Intake Form and bring with you to your first appointment. It is also important to review the treatment preparation guide to make sure you are properly prepared for your treatments.